Proudly Introducing Anchorum St. Vincent, The New Name for SVHsupport

Posted on September 13, 2018

Anchorum Reveals New Vision as Community Impact Organization for Santa Fe and Northern New Mexico

Santa Fe, New Mexico — September 13, 2018 — Today, Santa Fe-based SVHsupport, one of the largest nonprofit charitable organizations in the State of New Mexico providing financial and strategic support to CHRISTUS St. Vincent, proudly announces the company’s new name – Anchorum St. Vincent – as we celebrate our 10-year partnership with CHRISTUS Health as the 50% community owner of CHRISTUS St. Vincent. Anchorum today also unveils its new vision for serving as a nonprofit community health impact organization, improving the well-being and quality of life for the people of Santa Fe and northern New Mexico.

“Ten years ago, our community wrote a new chapter, when we partnered with CHRISTUS Health and SVHsupport was established as a nonprofit organization and 50% community owner of CHRISTUS St. Vincent,” said Earl Potter, Chairman of the Board, Anchorum St. Vincent. “Over the past decade, SVHsupport has invested $25 million in the community on many programs to benefit CHRISTUS St. Vincent and to have measurable impact on health, children and quality of life for our community. The genesis of rebranding our organization came several years ago, when we recognized that we have the expertise and resources to raise the bar and do even more. We embarked on an exciting journey with our board of directors and local community members, including physicians and native Santa Feans, to reimagine what health impact could be in this community, and to help guide our vision. Today we begin a new chapter with the introduction of Anchorum St. Vincent.”

Anchorum St. Vincent’s Purpose, Vision and Role

Our story began in 1865 when four Sisters of Charity journeyed from Ohio to Santa Fe to establish St. Vincent’s Hospital.  It was a selfless mission of healing, at a time of great need.

Today, Anchorum’s purpose is to honor this 153-year legacy of healing and care for the people of Santa Fe and northern New Mexico. And so, begins a new chapter in our story.

Anchorum plays a critical leading role in the community by applying a new model of health impact initiatives: We convene like-minded philanthropic investors, nonprofits, community members, and other partners, then serve as a catalyst to make impact grants, and sound, purposeful impact investments in four key strategic areas:

  1. Addressing the social determinants of health, particularly adult behavioral health, and senior health and wellness.
  2. Embracing health innovation and economic development – including health-related technology and economic development that represent new ways we can impact our community.
  3. Expanding our health system’s physical infrastructure, by maximizing the efficacy of existing care facilities, and leading effort to fund and build new ones.
  4. Dedicated to extending care for our community, and facilitating access to appropriate levels of care, through the St. Vincent family of providers and other organizations

We are interested in pooling resources with philanthropic investors who seek to offer not only financial investment, but also their expertise and their passion for impacting the health of our community in an innovative and data-driven way. The impact investments will have measurable impact on our underserved citizens, generate social and financial returns, and directly improve the well-being of the people. In the face of urgent local health challenges, Anchorum is positioned to positively impact the physical, environmental, and socio-economic factors that shape our community.

Today, with our new purpose and vision, we are stepping up efforts to make Santa Fe and northern New Mexico a destination for great health,” said Peter F. Bastone, DrPH, MACHM, President and Chief Executive Officer, Anchorum St. Vincent. “Anchorum St. Vincent is of, and for, the local community. We know the people and culture, the businesses, government organizations, nonprofits, health organizations and the community’s health challenges – positioning us to effectively serve as a convener and catalyst of health impact for Santa Fe and northern New Mexico.”

Bastone continued, Anchorum’s role as a community health impact organization represents a new model, which is one of the most progressive and innovative approaches nationally. Its mission-based, impact-investment model is changing the way we address social determinants with sustainable solutions for the physical and behavioral health of our community.”

Origin of the Anchorum St. Vincent Name

An invented, unique, and Latinate-style name, “Anchorum” is based on and includes the word “anchor.” We are an anchor organization–with enduring ties to the hospital and the communities of Santa Fe and northern New Mexico. Pronounced “an-CORE-um,” the name speaks to our desire to be a trusted, foundational element in the community.

Relationship Between Anchorum St. Vincent, CHRISTUS St. Vincent, St. Vincent Hospital Foundation and CHRISTUS Health

Anchorum is one of three St. Vincent organizations working together in Santa Fe and northern New Mexico with one common goal: to improve the long-term health and well-being of our community. Each entity has unique expertise and capabilities that gain high-level engagement from their respective target audiences:

Anchorum St. Vincent is a Community Health Impact Organization. A unique nonprofit in the US, that manages a large endowment for the community’s health and well-being while also owning 50% of the CHRISTUS St. Vincent. Our primary audience is the community's nonprofits, strategic partners, and philanthropic impact investors.

CHRISTUS St. Vincent represents the hospital itself, its dedicated physicians, nurses, technicians, staff, and state-of-the-art facilities—all providing superior, personalized healthcare to our community. Its primary audience is patients, families, and medical providers.

Today’s unveiling of Anchorum St. Vincent and its new purpose marks an important milestone in building on St. Vincent’s 153-year legacy of healing and care for the people of Santa Fe and northern New Mexico,” said Lillian Montoya, President and Chief Executive Officer, CHRISTUS St. Vincent. “Working in partnership with Anchorum, CHRISTUS St. Vincent will gain valuable resources that enable us to expand and deepen innovative health and wellness solutions and our level of care for the people of our community.

St. Vincent Hospital Foundation supports the hospital as its fundraising arm. Its primary audience is health-minded donors and philanthropists.

Working together, the three St. Vincent organizations represent the premier health and wellness system for the community of Santa Fe and northern New Mexico, and one of the most innovative, philanthropic health-impact models in the United States.

CHRISTUS Health is an international Catholic, faith-based, not-for-profit health system, comprised of more than 600 centers, including more than 50 hospitals and long-term care facilities. Together with Anchorum St. Vincent, CHRISTUS Health owns 50% of CHRISTUS St. Vincent.

As a community health impact organization, Anchorum St. Vincent is a unique new model among other CHRISTUS Health organizations,” said Randy Safady, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, CHRISTUS Health. “Unlike conventional medical foundations and trusts, Anchorum applies a new model of health economics by convening like-minded investors, nonprofits and other partners, and then acting as a catalyst for sound, purposeful investments. This innovative approach to addressing the critical, urgent health needs of the people in Santa Fe and northern New Mexico reinforces CHRISTUS Health’s ongoing commitment to the culture and community that have been an important part of our organization for the past decade.

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About Anchorum St. Vincent

Formerly known as SVHsupport, Anchorum St. Vincent is a nonprofit community health impact organization, investing in the health of Santa Fe and northern New Mexico. We serve as a convener and catalyst, to bring together the knowledge, resources, and skills available to meet the urgent health and care needs of our community and inspire lasting, sustainable social impact. Learn more at and visit us on Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


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