Meet Anchorum St. Vincent

Posted on September 13, 2018
By Peter F. Bastone

Anchorum Reveals New Vision as Community Health Impact Organization

The time has come for a new model for providing philanthropic funding and strategic support to address our most pressing community challenges. Anchorum St. Vincent is a nonprofit community health impact organization, focused on improving the well-being and quality of life for the people of Santa Fe and northern New Mexico.

Founded in 2007 and formerly known as SVHsupport, Anchorum is one of the largest nonprofit charitable organizations in the State of New Mexico. This year marks the 10-year anniversary of our partnership with CHRISTUS Health as the 50% community owner and strategic partner of CHRISTUS St. Vincent.

Our new name, pronounced “an-CORE-um,” speaks to our desire to be a trusted, foundational element in the community. As an anchor in and for our community, we will call upon like-minded partners and impact investors to collaborate with us.

Designed for Santa Fe and northern New Mexico
We are stepping up efforts to ensure our community is a premier destination to live, work and have access to excellent healthcare services. Through numerous meetings over the past year, we listened to your concerns and spoke to residents, patients, business and community leaders, physicians and healthcare workers. We have an intimate understanding of the people and culture, the businesses, government organizations, nonprofits, healthcare providers and the social determinants that so frequently impact our community -- which positions us to effectively serve as a convener and catalyst of health impact for Santa Fe and northern New Mexico.

Building Upon a Legacy
Our purpose is to honor the 153-year legacy of healing and care in our exceptional community – a story that began in 1865 when four Sisters of Charity journeyed from Ohio to Santa Fe to establish St. Vincent’s Hospital, the first hospital in the territory of New Mexico. It was a mission of healing, at a time of great need.

In our unique role as a Community Health Impact organization, we will bring together partners and thought leaders to focus on key social determinants that drive strategic health needs. Our mission-based, impact-investment model will change the way we address these issues with solutions to facilitate lasting improvement in the physical and behavioral health of our community.

Areas of Investment
Anchorum is investing in four areas that will elevate our community’s capacity to flourish beyond traditional boundaries.

Together we will:

  1. Address the social determinants of health, particularly adult behavioral health, and senior health and wellness.
  2. Embrace health innovation and development – including health-related technology and economic drivers that represent new ways we can impact our community.
  3. Expand our health system’s physical infrastructure, by maximizing the efficacy of existing care facilities, and leading effort to fund and build new ones.
  4. Extend care for our community, and facilitating access to appropriate levels of care, through the CHRISTUS St. Vincent family of providers and other organizations.

Partners You Trust
The St. Vincent family of health brands work together to improve the health of people in Santa Fe and northern New Mexico. Anchorum, in partnership with St. Vincent Hospital Foundation, CHRISTUS St. Vincent, and CHRISTUS Health, will gain valuable resources that enable us to expand and deepen innovative health and wellness solutions for friends and neighbors in our community.

A single silken thread can bear only a tiny weight. Combined with others, however, those threads can become a strong chord, and those chords tied together can be strong enough to bear any load.

So, too, do the threads of our community partnerships compare. Beginning with our legacy with the Sisters of Charity …to a partnership of mission in caring for our neighbors, Anchorum continues this legacy and tradition of reaching out and working shoulder-to-shoulder with others who share our values. We believe we can create and sustain a healthy community.

Come back soon and read about the latest updates from Anchorum St. Vincent.